Jungyo Newsreel – December 10th

🌐 Location: Kagoshima, Kagoshima

Today’s location was Kagoshima, where 4500 fans came to cheer for the rikishi, particularly the Kagoshima-born Chiyomaru and Daiamami. Daiamami, as a freshman, drew most of the attention. Accordingly, Kakuryu invited him to san-ban and butsukari.


The san-ban part consisted of 9 bouts, and as would be expected, Kakuryu won them all. This was followed by butsukari, but at this point Daiamami somehow came to admit that he “wasn’t doing enough keiko”.

The butsukari that followed turned out to be rather punishing for the local. Despite much support from the spectators, he hardly had any pushing power, and found himself rolling frequently:

Kakuryu was relentless, and after about 10 minutes, the session ended like this:

Daiamami did come to, and went through the thank-you ceremony at the end, albeit in a bit of a hazy state:

“This is all because you don’t do keiko”, scolded the Yokozuna after the keiko session was over. “I didn’t work you out that hard. You shouldn’t be exhausted by that much. You should do keiko every day.” Kasugano oyakata, who sat on the sidelines during the session, added his own voice to the scolding. “Both veterans and youngsters should go up the dohyo with vigor. It’s your job. There are fans watching.”

Kakuryu added: “The butsukari is not over. When we get to a warmer place, I’ll continue it”, hinting that when the Jungyo gets to its Okinawa leg he is going to be grilling Daiamami again.

By the way, did you notice Nishikigi hovering worried over Daiamami in the video above? This is typical of Nishikigi, who has earned the nickname “Mommy Nishikigi” for caring for rikishi during keiko, wiping sweat, etc.

OK, switching to the light side of the day’s event. First, Halt! Yokozuna aboard!

Enho works out in what seems to be a rather painful way:

Tobizaru, the Flying Monkey, tries to imitate him…

Er, no banana for you…

Isegahama beya took up the kiddie sumo as a team today:

Takarafuji, Terutsuyoshi, Aminishiki exchanging tykes

Where’s Homarefuji? Well, funny that you should ask!

Sumo with the older, more serious young sumo hopefuls was taken up by Kokonoe. Specifically, Chiyomaru, the other local.

Yep, that’s a big kid. But Chiyomaru is not Hikarugenji, either, if you catch my drift.

Here is the NHK coverage for the day, in which you’ll see Daiamami having recovered from the morning’s troubles, and beating Okinoumi in their torikumi.

You’ll also see Hakuho doing a baby dohyo-iri. This time we get to see the excited parents at the end. “He passed near us, and I asked if he’ll give the child a ‘dakko’. And he said a good-natured ‘yes’, so I quickly undressed her and handed her over” said mom.

More torikumi:

Takayasu vs. Goiedo

Takayasu complains about his lack of practice, but somehow ends up with the kensho-kin. Goeido having trouble with his ankle again?

Note Mitakeumi rising at the end to give the chikara-mizu on the opposite side. This means he has won his own torikumi (vs. Yoshikaze).


Hakuho 4 – Kakuryu 3. Close call, there?

Again, note the applause Satonofuji gets when he arrives at the side of the dohyo. Very popular, that man.

Also popular as a picture subject


11 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – December 10th

  1. Everyday you present the day’s NHK coverage, but every day I see the day 1 video starting with the Harumafuji scandal. What am I doing wrong?

    • NHK starts every day reporting that the jungyo is held under the shadow of the Harumafuji scandal. It’s not the same video.. Different torikumi, different highlights.

    • Thank you. I’ve just been lucky the past couple of days to find a Twitter user who seems to be attending more than one event, and luckily enjoys filming all sorts of goings-on, both off and on the dohyo.

  2. Geez. First Asanoyama and now Daiamami admits to not doing keiko. I’m hoping the tadpoles learn that you don’t get to slack off when you reach the top division. I imagine that was the point of Kakuryu’s scolding today. “Do your job!”

    • It’s perhaps worth noting that both of them come from outside the heya system. Daiamami was parachuted to Makushita from Nihon University. Asanoyama was parachuted to sandanme from Kinki University. This may explain the different work ethics that got the usually quiet and unassuming Yokozuna to switch to Incredible Hulk mode.

      • Typical slacker college kids, y’know. I’d use the “Millennials are ruining sumo” line, but the yokozuna are in the same generation as those two goofs. :P

        I’d be so tempted to ask Satonofuji to teach me how to bow-twirl in a selfie.

    • My eardrums clearly are in the same boat. Yokozuna Mogwai absolutely trashed my poor ears last night. First night out in ages last night; clearly need more keiko!

  3. Kakuryu giving him a front row seat at the gunshow with those pythons! Up there with Ishiura and Takarafuji in the arms stakes.


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