Maegashira 15 Myogiryu Pulls Out of Kyushu Basho

The Kyushu basho claimed another rikishi, as NHK News has reported that Maegashira 15 Myogiryu has gone kyujo after suffering an injury to the meniscus in his left knee during his day 13 match with Daishomaru. Finishing with a 6-8-1 record, Myogiryu will find himself back in the Juryo division for the Hatsu basho.  His day 14 opponent Shodai will pick up a fusen win, giving him his kachi koshi. The Tachiai team hope Myogiryu has a quick recovery, and that we see him back in Makuuchi soon.

6 thoughts on “Maegashira 15 Myogiryu Pulls Out of Kyushu Basho

    • The strange thing is, his doctor only recommended two weeks of recovery. Either his knee is extremely painful, or he really doesn’t want to damage it further and miss Hatsu.

      I wonder if we are starting to see a shift in the way rikishi approach injuries?


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