Ozeki Takayasu withdraws from Kyushu

Apparently, Takayasu aggravated his leg injury sufficiently to pull out of the tournament on day 13. He already had his kachi-koshi, clearing his kadoban status, and wasn’t in yusho contention, so there wasn’t anything at stake other than pride.

Several dominos fall as a result. Goeido automatically gets his kachi-koshi by fusen tomorrow. And Hakuho gets none other than Endo on day 14. More to come tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Ozeki Takayasu withdraws from Kyushu

  1. Wow, I’m surprised by this! While I was pretty sure he was going to soldier on, I’m glad he chose his health over his pride. Hopefully, come January he will be back to 100%. Kisenosato could learn a thing or two from his favorite teddy bear.

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  2. Poor Goeido… He wanted to redeem his honor this basho. Instead, he manages to barely scrape a kachi-koshi on day 13, and that by fusen. All this when he is actually on his best sumo (most of the time).

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    • Something is definitley “off” for Goeido right now. I agree that his sumo has been proper and strong, but he hasn’t been able to perform properly. I’m assuming it’s something mental, but that’s obviously just a guess.

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  3. I’m really glad he pulled out. I love Takayasu, I think he really has champion-grade sumo. I hope he’s able to heal fully and just be a monster in Hatsu.


    • If he can have kachi-koshi comfortably before the end of the basho even while injured and out of practice, I think he’ll do just fine at Hatsu, providing he doesn’t do something stupid like go on a long jungyo tour, repeatedly pick up Mitakeumi, and aggravate his injury again. Not naming anyone in particular…

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  4. On the one hand, I’m sad, because he’s my favourite and I was really looking forward to watching him take on Goeido and Hakuho again. On the other hand, as I’ve said before, I’d much rather see him later and healthy than right now and injured.

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