Aoiyama returns


The ponderous Bulgarian will be back in action on Day 8, when he faces M7 Daishomaru. His ankle injury against Okinoumi on Day 2 looked pretty bad, but I guess he wants to try to cushion his fall down the banzuke for the next tournament. The maegashira 11 only has one win, on opening day, and probably needs to pick up at least four more to stay in Makuuchi. Doing so in 8 days while coming back from an ankle injury seems a tall order, but maybe he believes that picking up a win or two and falling less far down into Juryo is worth it.

One thought on “Aoiyama returns

  1. Oh, great. We already have two popular rikishi out with potentially long-term injuries as a result of coming back before being properly healed, and now we could lose Aoiyama as well. I’m not a big fan of him ever since that awful dame-oshi against Kagayaki last basho, but I know some people like the big guy.


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