Wakaichiro Match #3 – A Loss


Day 5 action from Fukuoka, Sandanme 85 rikishi and Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro faced off against Sadogatake beya’s Kotoryusei. Unfortunately the man from Texas did not prevail over his opponent. Winning move is listed as okuridashi, meaning that Kotoryusei was able to get Wakaichiro turned around, and push him out from behind.

With this loss, Wakaichiro drops to 1-2, but is still easily within range of a kachi-koshi for his first basho in in Sandanme. We anticipate that he will return to the doyho on day 7 or 8.

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Match #3 – A Loss

  1. It’s a shame, cause he started off strong, but he totally got out-footworked. I’m glad that crazy jumping fall off the dohyo at the end didn’t hurt him.

    Hidden video, if anyone wants to see the details for themselves.

    • Thanks very much for posting that. It looks like there were 2 things

      1) He was higher and a bit slower than Kotoryusei at the tachiai.
      2) Kotoryusei got a lucky pull in that caught Wakaichiro going forward, and that launched him to the tawara, and a bit disoriented it seems, Kotoryusei pushed him out.

      I do hope One and Only can return for Hatsu…

  2. Does Waikaichiro usually have that much tape on his left ankle? Based on how he was getting up from his squats and that tape I’m wondering if he’s nursing an ankle injury.


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