Matches I am looking forward to on Day 3

Ahead of what I’m sure will be an excellent regular preview from Bruce, I wanted to put down a few thoughts on what looks like an exciting Day 3.

Nishikigi vs. Aminishiki: I look forward to watching what Uncle Sumo pulls out this time from his very deep bag of tricks.

Kagayaki vs. Asanoyama: Two big young guys with very different styles, both looking to rebound from Day 2 losses.

Ikioi vs. Daieisho: Will today’s Ikioi show up again? That guy is good.

Endo vs. Shodai: Similar styles; Shodai has size on his side, but Endo is far more skilled.

Tochinoshin vs. Arawashi: Strength vs. skill; after today’s match, there’s some hope that Tochinoshin’s knee might not be too limiting.

Ichinojo vs. Hokutofuji: Both are off to 2-0 starts, though Hokutofuji had tougher opposition, at least on paper. If the recent version of Ichinojo shows up, this will be a good test for both men.

Shohozan vs. Chiyonokuni: Two brawlers, so this has the potential to be a high-action match.

Mitakeumi vs. Kotoshogiku: Mitakeumi really needs a win. Kotoshogiku was overmatched by two superior opponents at the top of their game, so we’ll see if he can get anything going against a struggling Mitakeumi.

Terunofuji vs. Yoshikaze: Not sure I’m looking forward to this one; Yoshikaze is off to a slow start, and Terunofuji really shouldn’t be out there (and I’d guess there’s a nontrivial chance he won’t be tomorrow).

Onosho vs. Takayasu: My match of the day! Onosho looked dominant against Harumafuji and slipped against Kisenosato, while Takayasu has looked like his old powerful self.

Goeido vs. Tochiozan: Tochiozan is off to a cold start; can he do anything to slow down Goeido?

Takakeisho vs. Hakuho: Who can forget their first and last meeting? What lesson does the Dai-Yokozuna have in store for the rising star?

Harumafuji vs. Tamawashi: Ever since he won the Aki yusho, it seemed like Harumafuji  should take Kyushu off to recover. He showed up instead, and has been bullied by the youngsters. Will he be out there tomorrow? If he loses, he’s not likely to be out there Wednesday, and Tamawashi is no easy out, unless you’re Hakuho.

Kisenosato vs. Chiyotairyu: Kisenosato got a break today, so the questions raised on Day 1 about how genki he is will wait for tomorrow, when Chiyotairyu should present a real test (unless he slips).


2 thoughts on “Matches I am looking forward to on Day 3

  1. Awesome insight as always. I am really looking to a few of these

    Ichinojo vs. Hokutofuji – Could be a brutal smash-fest of epic magnitude.

    Endo vs. Shodai – I think you are right, Endo has the edge here. I have to keep hoping that Shodai is going to get it together.

    Kagayaki vs. Asanoyama – Like Ichinojo vs. Hokutofuji, these guys are evenly matched.

    Takakeisho vs. Hakuho – YES! Bring on the rematch!

  2. Onosho-Takayasu is a first-time meeting, so it definitely gets the pinkmawashi seal of anticipation.

    Chiyonokuni has a 1-6 record against Shohozan – I’d be surprised if he manages to turn that around tomorrow.


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