Kyushu Dohyo Consecrated – Ready for Battle


Early afternoon (Japan time), the dohyo for the upcoming Kyushu basho was consecrated in a solemn ceremony attended by officials of the Sumo Kyokai and upper ranked rikishi.

With the ritual completed, everything is ready for tomorrow’s first bouts in what promises to be an exciting end to the 2017 sumo calendar.  As always, Tachiai will be covering the tournament, and bringing you news and updates as they happen.

6 thoughts on “Kyushu Dohyo Consecrated – Ready for Battle

    • Good lord – another man who has heard the rhymes of Professor Elemental. Welcome good sir, seating for the refined gentlemen is up front near the whisky cabinet…

    • Sadly he is. He re-injured his back in training and announced he would not participate in the Kyushu basho. All of us at Tachiai hope he can recover in time for the New Year’s basho.


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