Kyushu Basho Scorecard

With sumo returning in just a few short days, I’ve put together a Kyushu Basho scorecard for all you fans who’d like to follow along at home and keep score during the tournament. I started making these scorecards for myself when I first got into sumo, and I found having them really helped me learn the rikishis’ names and ranks. They were also a great way to help me keep track of how each rikishi’s basho was going (it’s one thing to hear Chiyomaru is 7-1, but another to see he’s had six consecutive wins). With so many people discovering this fantastic sport and the Tachiai site, I’ve decided to start making these scorecards for upcoming tournaments. Hopefully, they will help new fans in the same way they helped me, and add another layer of enjoyment to the sumo watching experience.

Have fun playing along at home!

Kyushu Basho Score Card Part 1
Kyushu Basho Score Card Part 2

9 thoughts on “Kyushu Basho Scorecard

  1. Clean, nice and useful. Thank you very much! Just a question: Do you handle kinboshi in the document in any way? Like underlining the result or anything? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your kind words! I use a gold sharpie to highlight if a rikishi gets a kinboshi. Otherwise, for regular wins, the circle stays white, and for losses, I use a black sharpie. If a rikishi goes kyujo during the basho, I draw a small black square around that days circle. But feel free to play around and make it your own. A star would be a great substitute for a gold sharpie.


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