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Takayasu starts training

Oh, I missed you so much, little brother

The kadoban Ozeki started practicing again today at Tagonoura’s practice room in Fukuoka. First he took four bouts with the heya youngsters.

And then Kisenosato decided to have him for lunch call him for san-ban. The Yokozuna and he went at it for 11 times, and Takayasu (above following a hiki-otoshi) even managed to win one.

“I didn’t really think I’ll be able to face up to the Yokozuna right from the start,” said the recovering Ozeki, “It was a good practice”.

As you can see in this video, the Yokozuna also lent Takayasu his chest for a butsukari.

When asked about his physical condition, Takayasu replied: “It’s 80-90%. I’ve been able to recuperate enough to do keiko.” About his kadoban status, he said “I’m relaxed. If I lose my wits worrying I will not be able to do my sumo. If not in this basho, I’ll have a chance again in the next.”

As for Kisenosato, there was no reappearance of the famous left ottsuke in that practice session, but there were left armpit pushes and sukui-nage.

Former maegashira Shotenro fights cancer

Hakhuo revealed to the press that Shotenro, currently placed in sandanme, but formerly a long time maegashira and special prize winner, was found to have cancer – type undisclosed – around the time of the 2017 Nagoya basho. He was full kyujo from the Aki basho (when he was still in Makushita). In the meeting of the rikishi-kai – the rikishi union – held today, the 70 sekitori present decided unanimously to collect money for Shotenro as a “recuperation gift”.

Ura spotted at rikishi-kai meeting, makes vague statement

Nikkan sports caught Ura leaving the rikishi-kai meeting in Fukuoka and tried to ask him about the odds of him appearing in the Kyushu basho, and his general state of health. He responded with a vague “Yes, I’ll do my best.” This was interpreted by the reporters as a “no comment” would be in the west. The big question is what Ura is doing in Fukuoka at all.

And what is the rikishi-kai doing to improve rikishi health?

Kakuryu said during the Jungyo that he intends to bring up the subject of kosho-seido, as well as a suggestion for a prayer against injury, in the next meeting of the rikishi-kai (the closest thing to a rikishi union). Reports from the meeting mention nothing about kosho-seido, but he did bring up the suggestion for the common prayer to be performed in January “as a form of exorcism.”

Besides this and the decision to collect money for Shotenro, the only other suggestion was brought up by Hakhuo, who wants to designate tickets for sekitori in honbasho.

Yep. That’s what the rikishi union looks like. Prayers, donations and perks.

7 thoughts on “Health And Wellness News

  1. Let’s hope Takayasu makes it without further injury. Let’s hope also that he gets a back shave before the basho! Yikes!

  2. Shotenro was actually dropped to sandanme #21 for Kyushu, but that’s the last of the poor guy’s problems at the moment. Let’s hope he can pull through.

  3. Hopefully Shotenro’s treatment is effective and he can get back to a healthy recovery. You can’t gambarize it away, so hopefully the donations will help him be stress-free Kise and the cancer Taka with the above expression.

  4. Wonderful to see Takayasu is back up and doing sumo, I just hope he really is recovered enough to compete without just injuring himself further.

    • Kisenosato seems to believe he is. He said today “Since Takayasu is back in good condition, I’ll prefer to practice in my own heya”.

      Poor Takayasu, he’s going to get very intimate with that dirt on the practice dohyo.


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