One thought on “Kyushu Banzuke Audio Podcast

  1. Thanks very much for the podcast. It’s a very useful service for sumo fans who may not know what’s actually going on in much detail. I would also like to thank Herouth for her first-class jungyo coverage. Truly exceptional…and please keep it up.

    I’d actually also like to let both the contributors and your readers know about the many sumo prediction games that are available. They are very enjoyable and, of course, free to enter. For many fans, the games greatly enhance the experience of sumo, because it requires one to learn more about sumo and the rikishi in order to get better results, and also makes one start supporting rikishi you may not have noticed otherwise. It would also be nice to have a new infusion of players, as we can see many of the same names there for well over ten years now.

    There are many games, but the main ones can be found at this link:

    I would especially like to recommend Sumo Game, as it is simple and enjoyable in a head-to-head format:

    If you want to enter that particular game this basho, hurry and sign up though, as the new banzuke will be made soon.

    I hope this helps everyone enjoy the sumo more! And thanks once again for the coverage. :)


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