Aki State of Play, Day 14

Well, probability prevailed. No chaos, alas. Instead, we got the 50% likelihood scenario, with both Goeido and Harumafuji winning, though it was a bit touch-and-go, especially for the former. With Asanoyama (M16) pulled up to fight M3 and rather genki Onosho, he predictably dropped out of the yusho race with a loss. So tomorrow we get Harumafuji-Goeido for all the marbles. I’m not making any predictions, but the Yokozuna has looked like, well, a Yokozuna the last two days.

With Mitakeumi losing and Tamawashi winning, the San’yaku promotion picture stays muddled, with zero, one, or two open slots still possible depending on the outcomes of tomorrow’s Mitakeumi-Yoshikaze sekiwake clash and Tamawashi-Takakeisho. Kotoshogiku has probably locked down the first open komusubi slot, and Onosho the second.

At the bottom of the banzuke, Okinoumi won and is now safe from demotion. Nishikigi and Ishiura both lost, and are on the bubble. Ura is on the bubble as well, though I sincerely hope the NSK keeps him in Makuuchi, given his unfortunate injury.

On to senshuraku!


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