Torikumi Update

Day 14 torikumi just dropped. So now we know or can infer most of the remaining bouts for the key rikishi.

Harumafuji’s schedule has been clear all along: Yoshikaze, Mitakeumi, Goeido. He needs to run the table and hope Goeido drops one bout before senshuraku.

Goeido will face Takakeisho and Takanoiwa before his showdown with Harumafuji.

Mitakeumi will face Ichinojo, Harumafuji, and Yoshikaze, and needs to win 2 out of 3 to remain sekiwake.

Yoshikaze will face Harumafuji, Arawashi, and Mitakeumi in his quest for double-digit wins.

Tamawashi will face Aoiyama, Shodai, and one of the better-performing maegashira in his quest to win out and defend his komusubi rank.

Tochiozan is in similar position and will face Kagayaki, Takakeisho, and a maegashira to be named later.

As for those in contention for a San’yaku slot:

Kotoshogiku has Chiyonokuni, Daieisho, and a maegashira to be named later.

Onosho has Shodai, Asanoyama, and a maegashira to be named later.

Chiyotairyu has Hokutofuji, Endo, and a maegashira to be named later.

6 thoughts on “Torikumi Update

  1. Was not expecting Asanoyama to face off against someone as high up in the Maegashira as Onosho this basho, should be an interesting bout between these two young up-and-comers!

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    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But I suppose that’s what happens when you have a rookie in the Yusho contention. They have met once already, and Asanoyama won that one. This will really be interesting.

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  2. Well that’s a surprise- I was almost certain that Goeido would get Ichinojo on Saturday. I suppose Takaoiwa makes sense as he’s theoretically still in the hunt. The committee seem to be sending a message to Onosho with his match-up “Hey, if you don’t want to be the next big thing, there’s plenty others queuing up behind”.

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