Wakaichiro In Action Again Day 11


Hot on the heels of his victory over Maeta, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro returns to the Aki dohyo with a shot at securing his kachi-koshi, and promotion to the next highest division for the November tournament in Kyushu. His opponent for day 11 is Jonidan 9 Kiryu, who hails from Miyagino heya (of Enho, Ishiura and Hakuho fame). Kiryu is a 30 year old veteran who has been in sumo since 2003, and has been bouncing between Jonidan and Sandanme for the entire period. Undoubtably he will bring quite a few surprises for Wakaichiro, and it should prove a significant challenge for the young man from Texas.

As with his prior matches, we will bring you news and video as soon as its available to us.

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro In Action Again Day 11

  1. Good luck to him!
    He showed great skill and cunning yesterday with another veteran, hopefully he can do it again today.
    Either way, he should be proud of how far his sumo has come.

  2. I hope he out-maneuvers another veteran today. Gambatte dude!

    I always enjoy seeing the smaller wrestlers in the lowest divisions beat the big guys. I wish we had a system to send Noborifuji a stack of pizzas instead of cash envelopes on a win. He really needs to get swole.


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