Wakaichiro Looks To Even The Score Day 8


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro returns to action day 8, for his 4th bout of the Aki basho, and a chance to even up his record to 2-2. On Sunday he faces Jonidan 7w Tosahikari. Tosahikari is a 30 year old veteran of the renowned Isegahama stable (Harumafuji, Terunofuji), with 75 tournaments under his belt. Tosahikari has been moving between Jonidan and Sandanme for quite some time, and brings a huge amount of experience to the dohyo.

Wakaichiro’s sumo looks much improved, but as he works through the top end of Jonidan, he begins to compete against a number of long-career rikishi who know many ways to trip-up and up and coming youngster. Truth be told, there will be more of this the higher Wakaichiro rises in the ranks.

As always, we will bring you news and video of Wakaichiro’s day 8 action as soon as we can!


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