5 thoughts on “Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 4 Win

  1. That should, of course, read “Jonidan 2w Omote”. Putting him against an upper Juryo rikishi would be a little embarrassing.

  2. Wow! A Boom-BOOM-Done win! Excellent sumo from Wakaichiro! It’s interesting to watch the body language of both rikishi here. Wakaichiro seems much more focused on the ritual before the bout and I wonder if that gives him a mental edge and more confidence in his sumo.

    • For Wakaichiro to be effective in the next higher division, he had to tighten up his sumo quite a bit. He needed to have a winning formula, and a set of rituals to get himself ready to fight. I think you correctly identified that he is developing that. He has 5 matches left, and has to win 3 of them. Let’s hope he has to mojo to make it happen.


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