Wakaichiro Returns Day 4


Texas Jonidan rikishi Wakaichiro returns to the dohyo on day 4 to face his second opponent for the Aki basho. He comes into Wednesday’s match 0-1, and looking to pick up his first win. His opponent is Okunisato from Nakagawa heya. Wakaichiro and Okunisato are roughly equal in size and weight, though Okunisato has been in professional sumo since 2010. He briefly broke into Sandanme twice, but has spent most of his 41 tournaments in Jonidan.

They have met once before, with Wakaichiro winning their match in Nagoya. Video below.

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Returns Day 4

    • I just had an epiphany. (Thank you Jagermaester!) Rikishi should learn sports science. These guys are university age. If they came out of a heya with the ability to be an NFL-level trainer, or even a physician for these smart guys…

    • I recently saw that one low level rikishi who retired ( I can’t remember who) got a job working with trains as he loved them.
      I’ve said before, I would love to know what motivates the low level rikishi’s to stay, especially those well into their late 30s and 40s.


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