The Roof Is On Fire!

I’m sorry, I had to. It was too early in the morning to type this joke up last night. During the sumo broadcast there was an interruption in coverage as they broadcast news of a fire on the Odakyu line. For the video of the news item, click on the link. A building adjacent to the tracks had caught fire and when the train went through the area, the roof of one of the cars caught fire. The train was Shinjuku bound but the fire was in Shibuya near Hachimon station.

All very dramatic but, thankfully, no injuries. All were evacuated safely: the men, onto the tracks, while the women got to use the stairs. Anyway, the whole time I can’t help but think of this classic track by Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three. Click on the image for a quick blast from the past.

No sumo news here…just a post about the news that interrupted the broadcast.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


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