Aki Dohyo Ready For Battle


In a traditional ceremony this afternoon in the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the dohyo built for the Aki basho was blessed and made ready for the upcoming two weeks of sumo competition. The traditional sacrifices were enshrined within the dohyo, and prayers were offered.

Following the consecration of the dohyo, the winner of the prior 2 tournaments is presented along with their yusho photos outside the Kokugikan. But as the past 2 tournaments were won by Hakuho (who is kyujo), the presentation was attended by the Miyagino Oyakata.

Tachiai’s basho coverage starts now! With the usual yusho contenders out with injuries, the chances of a dark horse winner are better than any time in the last few years. Two weeks of excitement coming up.

3 thoughts on “Aki Dohyo Ready For Battle

  1. If anybody is interested in some footage from the consecration ceremony, here you go:

    The consecrating priests are actually gyoji. Now find me another sport where the referees are also ordained priests. 🤔

    I’ll be going on my Tachiai (and Twitter) Ramadan, fasting during the day and gorging in the evenings. 😣 Gambarimasho!

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