Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 11


Wakaihiro’s second to last match of the Nagoya basho is against Minezaki heya’s Jonidan 27e Izumigawa. Izumigawa is a relative newcomer to sumo, like Wakichiro, and has been patrolling around the Jonidan ranks for 8 basho, with his highest rank to date being Jonidan 3e.

As with his prior matches, we will post news of the results as soon as we can get them, and video as soon as our blessed benefactor, One and only, posts the match to Youtube.

One thought on “Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 11

  1. In my shameful pursuit of wrestlers I missed this bout! I arrived just in time to see Enho. I did get to go to Isegahama morning keiko!


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