Nagoya Day 9 Highlights

Ura Lines Up

Let The Crazy Train Roll

Where to start with day 9? Possibly one of the most engaging and topsy-turvy days of sumo in a while. If you are the type that does not want “spoilers” before you watch it on TV, best to turn back now.

Ok, we will start with last night’s preview! I do a paragraph on Juryo 5 Asanoyama – seems like he is really chugging along, and he dropped his bout with Kaisei. My apologies to Asanoyama if the sudden, unexpected write up somehow doomed him. At least he secured his kachi-koshi before then. This puts him even with Yutakayama, who won his match today, in the Juryo yusho race.

Day 9 – if you can find it on Youtube, it’s worth seeing in addition to whatever NHK will try to shoe horn into 20 minutes. The Makuuchi was wall to wall amazement, and it’s a shame that those of us in the West are limited on days like today. Start with Kintamayama’s day 9, I advise.

Highlight Matches

Takarafuji defeats Nishikigi – Nishikigi owned this one from the tachiai, but it seems he made a small mistake just as he was taking Takarafuji to the edge, and Takarafuji exploited that mistake and tossed Nishikigi out. Nice okuridashi.

Chiyomaru defeats Shohozan – A real slug fest, they broke contact a couple of times to glare at each other, and launched back into the fray. Chiyomaru managed to pull down Shohozan as he was chasing him.

Aoiyama defeats Chiyonokuni – Originally the gumbai was pointed at Chiyonokuni, but a monoii was called, and the shimpan noticed that Chiyonokuni’s right foot was out as he cocked the throw that won. Chiyonokuni gets a bloody nose for his prize. Aoiyama secures his kachi-koshi, and first class ticket to punching bag status in upper Maegashira for Aki.

Ishiura defeats Takanoiwa – Sadly, Takanoiwa has now secured his make-koshi, but boy did Ishiura look good handing it to him. There is no way of knowing what kept Ishiura in “neutral” for the first few days in Nagoya, but he certainly seems to be on his sumo now.

Ikioi defeats Hokutofuji – Ikioi has been as lack luster as his 2-7 record would indicate, until today. He was crisp, focused and took Hokutofuji to the clay like he knows sumo. I hope this Ikioi sticks around for the rest of the basho, the other one was boring.

Tochinoshin defeats Shodai – Why Shodai? Did you really want a contest of strength against this lumberjack guy? Shodai conceded to a mawashi battle and was doomed from the start. Tochinoshin looks to have overcome his knee problems to once again be somewhat formidable.

Mitakeumi defeats Kotoshogiku – One.. Two.. Henka! Mitakeumi deftly side steps the Kyushu Bulldozer for an easy win. I dig the new NHK “Henka Cam” mode.

Tamawashi defeats Takakeisho – To me this looked like the sequel to Takakeisho’s match with Hakuho. Lots of tsuppari, some taunting, breaking contact and in the end a miserable defeat. Takakeisho will be back in a tournament or two, better and stronger than before. This is just his welcome to the joi-jin parade.

Yoshikaze defeats Takayasu – Takayasu seemed completely unprepared for Yoshikaze’s attack. True to form the Berserker led with his face, but got inside Takayasu immediately, and took control before the big Ozeki could plant his feet and battle back. Very nice win, but drops Takayasu to 7-2.

Chiyoshoma defeats Goeido – A mighty Goeido 2.0 tachiai directly into Chiyoshoma’s too slow attempt to side step the charge. Chiyoshoma somehow managed to convert this mess of a start into a twisting throw at the bales. The shimpan called a monoii, but footage showed Goeido landing a split second before Chiyoshoma.

URA DEFEATS HARUMAFUJI – The Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium explodes with fanfare as crowd favorite Ura finds a way to wrangle the master of winning by speed into the clay. It happens so fast, multiple replays in slow motion are required to take it in. This is Ura’s first kinboshi, and he is clearly overwhelmed. In the post bout interview, he does lose his grip and starts crying. I think even Harumafuji wondered how he did that.

Hakuho defeats Kagayaki – Not quite as good an effort from Kagayaki today, but it looks to me like he lost his footing on the the clay. I will update the Hakuho meter later today, but he is now tied with Chiyonofuji’s 1045 all time win mark. Three more to go and another lofty mark belongs to the Boss.

9 thoughts on “Nagoya Day 9 Highlights

  1. Great day to show to new fans.

    Ura! By tottari!! He game-planned and executed that one perfectly. Harumafuji looked like he knew he was caught but still shocked when Ura managed to convert it. Really awesome stuff.

    Ikioi learns to throw, wins. My poor Hokutofuji…

    I was just starting to say to my screen “you are not stronger than Takanoiwa” when Ishiura out-muscled him for the throw. Quite an athlete.

    Takayasu didn’t get off his full forearm smash and then his arm throw was straight up terrible–slipped right off him. He gave up once he realized he didn’t have the arm and practically walked himself out of the ring.

    • Yes, that shock on Harumafuji’s face. He made the fatal mistake of not expecting the unexpected from Ura.

    • Day 9 was my first day of Sumo here in Nagoya and it was a great one to be there for.
      I was surrounded by Japanese fans, who were disappointed when Takayasu lost ( I cheered as I love Yoshikaze). The woman behind me took my hand and started slapping it for being naughty and cheering against Takayasu 😂😂
      The Ura match was brilliant to be there for in person. EVERYONE was screaming and yelling about Dai kinboshi. Some people were actually crying.
      Such an amazing day and atmosphere!

        • Not a problem!
          Do you mind if I update you on ichiro’s win status straight away if I’m there?
          I saw the bout yesterday. He was good, but left the dohyo with a fro full of clay.

          • Please feel free to post things in the comments section as you can, and we are quite grateful for in person reporting in Nagoya! I think Wakaichiro is back in action day 11. I am waiting for the day 11 torikumi before I post who he meets. I think it’s another rematch.

  2. That Ura…

    I’m told that in Osaka, everything is done differently – the directions of motion on sidewalks and escalators are reverse from the rest of Japan. Train announcements are phrased differently. And Ura is true to the Osaka nature. That blindingly pink mawashi… and his keeping the gods of the dohyo on a low-sodium diet… his extensive collection of rare kimarite… and now a kinboshi on his third Makuuchi appearance, and to a fairly intact Yokozuna, at that.

    He dove for the nearest limb and clang to it for dear life. That pug thing again. The look on Harumafuji’s face. Then Ura finds himself handing the ladle of power water to Hakuho.

    Good grief, Pinkie. I wonder how far up the ranks one can get with only 174 cm to his name.

    Well, now the only question about Hakuho is “zensho or not zensho”?

    I’m unimpressed with Takayasu. Once again, the same shoulder blast at the tachiai, completely opening his mawashi up to Yoshikaze. If Ura pulls another upset, the shin-ozeki will have to be careful of going kadoban.

  3. OK fine I’ll be the one to talk about that Chiyomaru bout – that was CRAZY!

    Here’s a guy that doesn’t even look physically possible. Afterwards, he could barely even breathe! I actually worry for that guy’s long term health.

    All that said, I did think Shohozan was fitter and was going to make it out of that bruising battle owing to his dexterity but it was just a shuffle too far.

    Also my gosh what a beat down Takakeisho got, Tamawashi sent him flying like a pizza dough from his bakery


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