Wakaichiro’s Day 7 Win Video

Once again, Sumo videographer One and Only supplies us with footage of Wakaichiro’s match. His day 7 victory moves him to a 3-1 record, which is now one win from a kochi-koshi / majority wins for the Nagoya basho.

The match is a bit sloppy, but Wakaichiro wins in the end. We expect him back in action day 9.

2 thoughts on “Wakaichiro’s Day 7 Win Video

  1. The match is sloppy but that’s what you would expect at this level. Wakaichiro makes a lot of mistakes but he is also always moving, thinking and adapting. I reckon two wins in his last three bouts might be enough for promotion, but he needs three out of three to be certain. If he does make it up to the sekitori ranks he will certainly present a challenge to the stable’s tokoyama.


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