Wakichiro’s Next Match – Day 6


Faces Jonidan #23 Kotomanabe.

Wakaichiro’s third match of the Nagoya basho comes early on Friday (day 6) when he faces Sadogatake heya’s Kotomanabe. Kotomanabe is another long term veteran who has been in sumo since 2012, never rising above the ranks of Sandanme 88. Both rikishi are roughly equal in height, but Wakaichiro has a 22 kg weight advantage. Both have started Nagoya 2-0. A win in this bout would put Wakaichro on solid footing for a kachi-koshi coming out of Nagoya.

As with prior bouts, we will bring you news as soon as it’s available, and will eagerly await One and Only to post his videos to Youtube overnight US time.

Go Texas Sumo!


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