Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day One Win

Our favorite Jonidan rikishi is looking great in his opening match of Nagoya. Okunisato got the better of the tachiai, but Wakaichiro rallied and dominated the rest of the match. Good form, and excellent strength from Wakaichiro.

3 thoughts on “Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day One Win

  1. He looks bigger! Plus, he did a good job here, a bit of patience and strategy paid off. Excellent work!

    • Each basho, we see some nice incremental progress. Did you know he trains under the guidance of both Musashimaru and Konoshiki? What a great coaching team to have if you are devoting your early years to sumo.

  2. Pretty decisive victory. Good footwork!

    Looks like he’ll get a chance to avenge one of his Natsu losses on Day 4.


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