Wakaichiro’s First Match Is Day 1


Faces Jonidan 26 West Okunisato

Fans of Wakaichiro won’t have long to wait before we get news of his first match at Nagoya. Early in the day on Sunday he will face Tokyo native Okunisato, from the Nakagawa stable. Nakagawa was only founded this year from the remains of Kasugayama stable, which closed in 2016.

Okunisato’s highest rank has been Sandanme 95, and he has been competing in sumo since January 2011, making him a 6 year verteran. Okunisato is both taller and heavier than Wakaichiro, so this will be a real challenge for the freshly promoted rikishi from Musashigawa.

It is unknown if anyone will be recording Jonidan matches at Nagoya, but if we find video we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

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