Banzuke Sunday


Nagoya Ranking Sheet Today

After the long summer break, it’s time to begin the ramp up to the hotly anticipated Nagoya basho. Later today (in about 6 hours from this post), the Japan Sumo Association will post the banzuke online, as well as release thousands of printed copies.

If you want to take a look at Tachiai’s projections via contributor Iksumo:

Upper Makuuchi : Nagoya banzuke crystal ball part 1
Lower Makuuchi : Nagoya banzuke crystal ball part 2

Of course Tachiai will bring you all the details and our insights as soon as the banzuke is published.

2 thoughts on “Banzuke Sunday

  1. I reckon Kaisei will get the M16 spot over Gagamaru. Looking forward to seeing a fresh set of top up and coming rikishi in the top Maegashira spots!

    • I agree with you!
      I am also excited to see Abi back in Juryo and Iwasaki ( though he may have changed his name) starting in Juryo too.
      Did you manage to get Nagoya tickets?


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