Takayasu’s Ozeki Promotion Official


Second Promotion Campaign Succeeds.

Tagonoura riskishi Takayasu has ben grinding towards an Ozeki bid for the past year, which is generally recognized to be 33 wins across 3 basho for consideration. The actual promotion determination is made by the Nihon Sumo Kyokai, who consider a number of factors such as suitability and long term prospects of continued high performance.

His first bid to achieve 33 wins ended in make-koshi, and demotion, during the Kyushu basho in November. Interestingly enough, internet sumo guru Kintamayama in fact predicted Takayasu’s make-koshi.  The set back did nothing more than challenge Takayasu, and it seems that he and Kisenosato sequestered themselves for nearly endless practice.  Both of them benefited greatly from this period of intense training, as both have been promoted within the following 6 months.

The committee met immediately following the Natsu basho, and agreed that Takayasu’s bid had met or exceeded qualifications, and he has been promoted to Ozeki. The messengers will arrive Wednesday morning Japan time (Tuesday PM US time) to officially notify Takayasu and the Tagonoura stable. Anticipation in the Japanese press now is swirling around what acceptance phrase he will use, which many see as indicative of what kind of spirit he will bring to his Ozeki career.

With this promotion, Tagonoura beta will have a level of parity with Isegahama, who have both Yokozuna Harumafuji and Ozeki Terunofuji. Having two rikishi at such high levels of skill helps both of them stay sharp and competitive, and as we have seen with Kisenosato, having Takayasu as a sparring partner was essential to brining his sumo along to Yokozuna levels.

During Takayasu’s career up to this point, he has been a special-prize winning machine. His tally includeds:

  • 2 Gino-Sho
  • 4 Shukun-Sho
  • 4 Kanto-Sho
  • 4 Kinboshi

His performance has been truly a cut above, and he should make a strong Ozeki if he can keep himself uninjured.

Tachiai congratulates the shin-Ozeki, and we look forward to many years of Ozeki Takayasu bringing his strength sumo to all challengers.

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5 thoughts on “Takayasu’s Ozeki Promotion Official

  1. A truly well deserved promotion indeed! Takayasu will be an Ozeki who can be a strong contender for the Yokozuna spot.

    And like you rightly pointed out, the Tagonoura stable is now mostly at par with Isegahama now.

  2. I was watching a local documentary when takayasu had a vacation here in the Philippines a few years ago. Filipinos are often discriminated in Japan. Takayasu’s success brought pride to the Filipino community. And more so now that he is an Ozeki

    • Wow, any chance you can remember the name of it, might we be able to find it on YouTube? I know some fans (especially myself) would be delighted to see it.

  3. Takayasu and her mother were in tears, sumo is unknown here yet they received a warm welcome. Family is so proud of his achievemenys. Community of former workers in Japan were so happy and sponsored gathering in a hotel. They told that Takayasu may have some rough childhood because he has Filipino blood. He may have been bullied at school. They say Filipinos arr seen as undocumented laborers. But Takayasuss success in the ring brought pride and respect, as sumo is seen by Japanesr as very sacred. But thia video was way back when he is juat a maegashira.


  4. In my own opinion, if there are no health problems, in 3 years or so, Takayasu will be Yokozuna and Mitakeumi an Ozeki. Top guys are aging and plagued with injuries. These two are the frontrunnets from the batch of younger wrestlers


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