Hakuho’s Zensho Yusho


Nobody Does It Better.

Completing his sweep this morning, Hakuho went undefeated for Natsu, finishing his championship run with a perfect 15-0 record. It’s a stunning achievement, and the 38th championship victory for him.

I have called him “The Michael Joran of Sumo” in the past, and his performance during Natsu simply underscores that comparison. His balance between strength, speed, technique and showmanship is unrivaled in any Yokozuna I can remember. As a sumo fan I feel privileged to be alive when he was fighting fit, and even so luck as to see him live at the Kokugikan, which is ringed with his yusho pictures.

His match against Harumafuji was excellent, in spite of Harumafuji’s obvious and limiting injuries. Harumafuji pushed hard to gain control out of the tachiai, but Hakuho took his time and worked to secure a belt grip on his challenger. Once he had that secure, it was all Hakuho.

Tachiai congratulates “The Boss”, it was really nice to see the greatest Yokozuna of our day reign supreme again.

7 thoughts on “Hakuho’s Zensho Yusho

  1. So good to see, he fought superbly. Truthfully no one looked like they really posed a significant threat to him throughout Natsu. Harumafuji could have tried that yorikiri all day (he sort of did) but Hakuho was not going to be moved

  2. Pretty cool speech at the end, starting with “I’m back!” He’s the best. Everything you want in a star.

    Cool to hear him be open about the records he wants and that he’s ready to take it to Nagoya!

    • There is no Jungyo between now and Nagoya, so everyone gets to rest, heal and train. As long as there is nothing unexpected, we should get a super-genki Hakuho in July. I also hope that Kisenosato uses this time to get his pectoral muscle medically repaired.

      • Did you catch the bit where he was talking about fasting for days and trying yoga to overcome his toe injury? It was pretty cool and people seemed to be loving it.

        I have to imagine Nagoya is going to be fever pitch after this. And as it happens, BuySumoTickets came through so I’m officially going to see him again in person! Hoping to get some cool souvenirs as well.

        • That’s going to be quite awesome. From what I understand the Nagoya gymnasium can get fairly “swampy”, so feel free to abandon convention and dress like you are going to be in a hot and humid environment for most of the day.

  3. The boss is back. Seems all his matches are effortless as usual. Just his usual application of cat like reflexes on weight and counterweight. The guy is a genius. He do not force any bout. He just feels the opponent and the situation. Awesome

    • He is indeed, and I think we are, for a time, going back to the old mode of sumo where it’s Hakuho’s yusho to lose, and everyone else gets to fight for scraps.


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