Natsu Day 13 Review

What, Again?

Takayasu Ascendant

As written early this morning, my sumo fandom is still ringing with Takayasu’s win over Harumafuji. I have seen some fans state that the gyoji got in the way, and that’s why Harumafuji lost. These things happen, and it’s all part of sumo. The Goyji tries his best to stay out of the way, but when both rikishi are going pell mell all over the dohyo, it’s tough to get out of the way. I would urge those who are fixated on the gyoji to focus on two things. First, I think Harumafuji re-tweaked his knee a couple days ago (we pointed it out), and has been a bit tender on his feet since. Second, the Harumafuji of last week (healthy and full of fight) would have recovered better from the boutus-interruptus at the tawara than what happened today. We may as well be asking if an army of mini-Mike Ditkas could overcome a two headed John Elway and Happy Gilmore in a game of golf.

In other big news, Goeido successfully erased his kadoban status for at least a couple of months. As we suggested when Kisenosato went kyujo, that move pulled upper and mid Maegashira up to bouts with the San’yaku, and all of them had really terrible records. I personally think Goeido still has more recovery to do from his ankle surgery, and I hope we can get a full time Goeido 2.0 basho some time soon.

Oh, and that flaming mess in Juryo? Someone threw some old tires in there too. We have SEVEN rikishi at 8-5, thats a 7 way tie for the lead. Who’s going to get the yusho? My money is on that mutant two headed John Elway and Happy Gilmore monster we left back at the Wal Mart. He had a shopping cart full of Corona and a questionable looking frozen breakfast burrito.

Highlight Matches

Chiyotairyu defeats Ishiura – Pocket dynamite Ishiura needs to win both his final matches to avoid a make-koshi. He has been vague and inconsistent since his really excellent premier in January. We hope he can get his sumo back, because he has a lot of potential.

Arawashi defeats Toyohibiki – It’s clear Arawashi is not at 100%, but he is putting his all into avoiding a make-koshi. Toyohibiki on the other had is probably a candidate for return to Juryo.

Ichinojo defeats Tokushoryu – Tokushoryu limps off the dohyo, so we are now curious if he is hurt. A guy of his mass can sometimes fall hard (rikishi practice like mad falling safely), so we hope he is all right. Ichinojo is still looking slow and clumsy.

Daishomaru defeats Takakeisho – Congratulations to Daishomaru on his kachi-koshi, Takakeisho did a nice roll off the dohyo, much like a (ahem) bowling ball.

Onosho defeats Hokutofuji – It was a close one, and they had a monoii to discuss after the gyoji awarded the match to Hokutofuji. Really impressed with Onosho’s performance this basho, great way to make a point entering Makuuchi.

Ikioi defeats Ura – It does seem that Ikioi did find a way to dispel Ura’s magic today, it helps that Ura was sloppy in his mini-henka, and submarined into Ikioi’s brutal charge. I would point out the Ura is still fairly new to Makuuchi, and is still working on upgrading his sumo, so he is learning on the road.

Tochinoshin defeats Shodai – Tochinoshin now at double digits win. I think it would be fantastic if Tochinoshin could end up with a special prize for his fantastic turn-around this basho.

Yoshikaze defeats Chiyoshoma – The Berserker is still chasing his kachi-koshi, and he moved one step closer today. Like most of the upper Maegashira, Chiyoshoma has been nuked this basho, and is just hoping to get out of here with all of his internal organs intact. Note both rikishi made it to the 3rd or 4th row of zabuton today.

Mitakeumi defeats Endo – Mitakeumi is also one win away from his kachi-koshi, and a possible elevation to Sekiwake, which would be a fantastic development for him. Endo gets his make-koshi, and will be bumped a small amount down the banzuke.

Goeido defeats Takarafuji – Takarafuji put up a really good fight this bout, but there was enough Goeido to win. Allow me to suggest to Goeido that flowers, a nice bottle of sake and a night on the town eating Okonomiyake would be suitable for Kisenosato. He saved your bacon in a big way. You faced hapless Maegashira rather than a Yokozuna, and you were able to get rid of the kadoban flag. Some booze and pancakes are the least you can do.

Terunofuji defeats Tochiozan – The Kaiju is clearly hurt, but he’s still mighty enough that he was able to resist Tochiozan’s bunny hop attack (nicely done Tochiozan!). Tochiozan gets high marks for always moving forward, but was rolled at the edge of the dohyo. Terunofuji hops back to his side to receive his kensho.

Hakuho defeats Tamawashi – Generous portion of pre-match aggression, both men aborted the tachiai, and it was clear they were really sizing each other up, and Tamawashi was not intimidated. The crowd in the Kokugikan loved every moment of it. Of course, there was a henka involved, as Hakuho decided Tamawashi needed a lesson. Hakuho now 13-0, and running head long towards a perfect yusho.

That’s all for now, the mini-Ditkas are yelling at me to drop them off at the bar.

4 thoughts on “Natsu Day 13 Review

  1. Oh my god that match between Tochinoshin and Shodai was epic. I hope Shodai is ok, he got absolutely smashed and it took him ages to get up.

    I feel like we’re seeing more injuries than normal this basho.

    • There were a ton of great matches today, and it’s be a really fun basho. I also hope that Shodai is not injured by having Paul Bunyon fall on him.

  2. My only issue is that Kotoyuki/Kagayaki match. That had, *wink* *wink*, *nod* *nod* written all over it. C’mon, Kagayaki’s perfectly executed “Stop, Drop, Roll?”

    So many guys are going to Juryo while not a single Juryo wrestler has more than 8 wins at this point. No promising promotions and they need to keep the numbers. July’s banzuke will be interesting. But, apologies to Celine, Myogiryu will find himself demoted.

    • I dunno…Kagayaki seemed to have improved on it lately, but that kind of maddening clumsiness when faced with side-stepping opponents was a hallmark of his sumo at pretty much every point between his dohyo debut and his arrival in makuuchi, so my reaction was just “oh great, there he goes again”. I suspect we’ll find out he’s still got Giku levels of vulnerability to it as soon as he goes a little higher in the maegashira ranks.

      As for juryo, elsewhere people are watching it with a mix of dread and anticipation of another 9-win yusho. ;) Doesn’t look too likely to happen, but I guess that’s what they were saying the last time, too…


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