Wakaichiro’s Final Natsu Match Day 13


Winning Record On The Line

After a strong but unsuccessful showing on day 12, Wakaichiro returns to the dohyo on day 13 the complete his card for Natsu. On Friday he will face off against another long time veteran of sumo’s lower ranks. Jonadan 48 East Gagyusan has been in 67 (!) basho since he started in 2006. His highest rank has been Sandanme 79, which he held for a single tournament in 2014. As with his bout on day 12, Wakaichiro will be up against someone with a lot of moves ready to use against him.

Both rikishi come to this match with 3-3 records. The winner gets their kachi-koshi and a boost in rank come July, the loser gets maki-koshi and drops down the banzuke.

We will be waiting eagerly to learn of the results of this important match, and we will bring you the latest (and video) as soon as we know it.


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