Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 12 Bout

We have video, courtesy once again of One and Only, of Wakaichiro’s match against Wakakoki. Interestingly enough, Wakakoki pulled back from the line just as the tachiai was set to fire. I would assume this is Wakakoki using a disruption technique to help make sure he had an advantage over Wakaichiro. This is the kind of things you one can expect from a multi-year Jonidan veteran.

In spite of a rough tachiai, Wakaichiro put forth a huge effort, and his superior strength gave Wakakoki a lot of trouble. The match was decided at the tawara, as Wakakoki as in the process of forcing out an off balance Wakaichiro, Wakaichiro attempted a throw. It was close enough that the shimpan declared a monoii, but affirmed the Gyoji’s gumbai.

Fantastic effort by American rikishi Wakaichiro. With this match he drops to 3-3, his final chance to secure a winning record and move up the banzuke will come in his final match.

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