Wakaichiro In Action Day 12

Wakaichiro Enters

Back For Match #6.

Our favorite American rikisi returns to the Kokugikan dohyo on day 12 to face Wakakoki, Jonidan 47w. Wakakoki, from the Shikoroyama heya, is another veteran of the Jonidan and Sandanme. He has been bouncing up and down between those divisions for some the past few years. His highest career rank is Sandanme 48.

This will be another great test for Wakaichiro’s improving skills and confidence. They are nearly the same height and weight, so this contests will come down to strategy and rapid adaptation on the dohyo. The winner of this bout secures their kachi-koshi, and a higher rank for the summer basho in Nagoya.

As always, we will bring you coverage of his match, and video when we can find it.


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