Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 10 Match.

Video courtesy of Kokugikan stalwart One and Only, and it’s worth the watch. After the tachiai, Asanoshima side steps Wakaichiro’s second charge, and gets Wakaichiro gets turned around and nearly forced out from behind, but manages to recover and escape. Wakaichro gives up further ground circling backwards until he can plant his feet and renew his attack. His victory improves his record to 3-2, and places him one win away from a tournament kochi-koshi.

Fantastic effort by Wakaichiro, and really a very nice recovery.

3 thoughts on “Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 10 Match.

  1. Wow, what an escape! Really good match. He’s so polite also. He’s honing in on Yorikiri, let’s hope he eventually learns some more moves to become more of an all-arounder.

    • Yes, you can see steady improvement in his sumo, so I am hopeful he can pull out his kochi-koshi. Success against veterans is very good to see.

  2. He’s definitely got a good amount of ring sense, which tends to be very hard to teach. Should bode well for the next year or two, assuming his physical development comes along.


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