Natsu Day 8 Highlights

Kotoshogiku was a mere blip (blimp?) on Hakuho’s zensho radar. Likewise, Harumafuji relentlessly blasted poor Chiyoshoma into the second row as he stays on pace with Hakuho. Kisenosato outlasted Aoiyama but the difficulty he had pushing the man mountain over the straw bales reinforces the fact that he’s injured and should go kyujo. He’s not in the yusho hunt. He gains nothing with these wins over maegashira but puts himself at risk of prolonging his recovery. He’s already gotten the storybook yusho. He can afford to sit a few tournaments out and come back healthy.

Lemme Down, Dude!!

The match of the day, Yoshikaze vs Takayasu, was eye-opening. Takayasu followed through on a strong tachiai with a powerful choke hold. The Swedish Chef then whipped the rubber chicken’s neck forward, tossing him to the clay. The most surprising bout though, was the way Terunofuji utterly dismantled Mitakeumi. The rejuvenated ozeki wrapped his tree-trunk arms around the youngster, immobilizing the spring chicken, and then ushered the upstart out of the dohyo.

Endo’s capitalizing on his own good health. With the victory over Goeido today added to Terunofuji’s and Kisenosato’s scalps, he’s in prime position for his first winning record while ranked in the top of the maegashira. A year ago, his own injury forced him down into Juryo and now he’s a serious contender for a sanyaku slot. He’s looking better than Shodai at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Natsu Day 8 Highlights

  1. I thought today was a great day of sumo. I particularly enjoyed Takakeisho showing that Ura is not the only up and comer with trickery and good agility. It was good to see a bit more variety in Takakeisho’s locker, he’s a great prospect

    I also enjoyed watching Tamawashi literally pedal his opponent out of the dohyo – he may be older but he’s looking like a really strong sekiwake this time round and he’ll want to give an Ozeki run his best go (not that I think he is definitely going to achieve this or anything, but he’s come out with some truly dominant performances, especially against Takayasu)

  2. Kise is very good. All heart, pure will. He has no force on left side but still manages to survive.

  3. I’m glad that Kaisei is showing some strength. I’m still mad at him for coming back last basho after being super injured. I guess that was a tactic so that he could hold onto the last bastion of hope of staying in the Maegashira ranks… it’s good to see that he’s doing something.

    Osunaarashi is just crumbling! What is that all about?

    I’m a Mitakeumi fan, but Terunofuji’s win over him was so impressive, I had to give him credit. Literally picking him up and walking him out definitely made a statement.

    I’m also glad that Takayasu wasn’t completely thrown after the loss… I know how he gets a little confused.

  4. I heard Chiyoshoma was thrown so far off the dohyo he had to buy a ticket to get back in the arena.


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