Natsu Day 5 Highlights


Kisenosato Gut Checks The Universe, Universe Blinks

At end of all things and at the end of time, I belive Kisenosato will be there, continuing to refuse to give up, or let anything, including the laws of nature stop him. More on that in a moment.

It was the final Kokugikan day, and I am sad to leave my in-person sumo behind. I leave with a greatly expanded appreciation for the sport, it’s fans and most especially it’s contestants. Getting over here and doing this is hideously expensive, but it was (at least for me) transformative.

A note on Juryo, though I think it’s kind of a mess right now, for some reason Planet Gagamaru is gunning hard to return to Makuuchi for Nagoya, and he may be brining Yamaguchi with him. Nothing has really changed, and Gagamaru has not really improved, but it seems he’s the guy who is losing the least.

Match Highlights

Daishomaru defeats Yutakayama – Daishomaru supplied a huge shoulder blast at the tachiai, and followed up nicely with a relentless pushing attack. Yutakayama was dispatched shortly afterwards.

Tokushoryu defeats Kaisei – Tokushoryu really was in command of this bout from the start, with an initial nodowa that really seemed to disrupt Kaisei for a moment, but he found Tokushoryu’s mawashi, but he was still too high and Tokushoryu was able to put him down at the edge.

Ishiura defeats Arawashi – Arawashi can’t buy a break

Kotoyuki defeats Ura – As with yesterday, Ura was late off the line, almost in matta territory, and Kotoyuki took command. it’s also clear that Ura loves to put his head down at the start, and take his eyes off his opponent. This is sually where he loses control of the match. Let’s just say he is still working on his Makuuchi formula, but it is certainly coming along.

Kagayaki defeats Ichinojo – Ichinojo seems to have nothing to offer but his own ponderous bulk. Showing no maneuverability really, Kagayaki was in complete control from the start and simply waltzed him out.

Takakeisho defeats Hokutofuji – Takakeisho owned this match from the start, though Hokutofuji put up a valiant fight. Takakeisho consistantly kept Hokutofuji off balance. With Hokutofuji’s center of gravity high, it was only a matter of time before Takakeisho’s repeated pull down attempts worked.

Tamawashi defeats Yoshikaze – Tamawashi establshed control of this match quickly, and never let Yoshikaze plant his feet or get his weight forward, which is essential for his early bout strategies.

Takayasu obliterates Endo – Takayasu easily put Endo away. Endo started a pushing match but Takayasu was able to lock up a mawashi grip and control Endo. At this point Takayasu’s overwhelming strength and size took charge and Endo was done. Takayasu now needs 5 wins for Ozeki – he can lose half his remaining matches and still get the job done.

Goeido defeats Chiyonokuni – The last two days have been Goeido 2.0, I do hope he can stay, because I really like that guy’s sumo. Fast, aggressive and unstoppable.

Terunofuji defeats Kotoshogiku this was the bout the fans wanted in Osaka. Solid tachiai, Kotoshogiku set up his hug and chug, and Terunofuji stopped it DEAD., he then took over and put Kotoshogiku in the dirt with a an overarm throw. Fantastic job from Terunofuji. My condolences oojisan Kotoshogiku. I seriously wonder if I was present for his last win as an active sumotori.

Hakuho defeats Mitakeumi – The Boss is in form, and everyone else is going down to defeat. Even Mitakeumi who is fighting close to Takayasu’s level now. Mitakeumi brought some pressure early to Hakuho, but he rapidly countered and diverted Mitakeumi attack. The tachiai featured Hakuho’s favored shoulder blast. It’s good to see the Michael Jordan of sumo back in fighting form.

Okinoumi gets a fusen win over Kakuryu – Okinoumi first and only win this tournament.

Harumafuji defeats Daieisho – Harumafuji wins by his mini-henka – seriously, what is Daieisho doing matched against these guys?

Ancient Jōmon guardian spirit posseses Kisenosato, defeats Chiyoshoma – Dear god, what a champion. After a matta (Kisenosato jumped early?), they were off. Everyone is hitting his left side hard because they know Kisenosato is wounded. Chiyoshoma was on him like a wad of wet noodles, but Kisenosato would not relent. Somehow he got Chiyoshoma out and down. To everyone who wondered what kind of Yokozuna Kisenosato would make, now you know. How does it feel to be defeated by a one arm man? Ask Chiyoshoma.

6 thoughts on “Natsu Day 5 Highlights

  1. I don’t understand Arawashi at all. A couple of tournaments ago when he was high in the Maegashira ranks, even though he lost a fair few, he really put up a good fight against some top Yokozuna. He now looks like he could go 0-15

    • I am going to guess it’s injury. The Japanese press really does not talk about the injuries to the rikishi, and they try to hide them as well in order to keep competing. Arawashi has the skill and the speed, but I am guessing he does not currently have the health. I am going to hope he recovers and can bounce back.

  2. Kisenosato is clearly injured, there s is so little progress from two months ago .
    Obviously the guy need 6 months at least to recover.

    It’s the business, but it s sad to not give time to the Japanese Yokosuka, a bad fall can happen to anyone, everyone know what happened, there is nothing to discuss, he’s injured, but why they keep putting him in frontline? 2 or 3 so-so fights, it was enough

  3. Since I started following sumo 2 years ago, Kiesenosato is my least favorite Rikishi. I just think he is not a very likable person.

    But the last basho and this, I think he is my most favorite one now. Just pure heart and spirit. I really think he deserve the tsuna. Not by accomplishment, as I think it was still lacking. But he really embraced the title so seriously. Just pure wow at every bout. He knows he is carrying the nation on his shoulder. He carries the hope and pride of his countrymen. And he is just game on, and will do anything not to dissappoint. Just awesome. Gotta give credit to him

    • I am right there with you – I was not a Kisenosato fan, but now I marvel at his commitment. This has turned me into a bit of a follower, because I personally think anyone who will push that hard to succeed merits attention. I just wish he would take the time to get healed up. But as we wrote a few weeks ago, the medically proscribed remedy here is surgical, and would likely end his career.

  4. You have to admit though, Chiyoshoma gave it his all, he looked like a terrier attacking that one-armed man!


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