Wakaichiro’s First Bout In Jonidan


Fights Former Sandanme Tokkoriki

Wakaichiro’s oustanding performance in Osaka led to a nice bump in rank on top of his promotion to Jonidan. Now ranked at Jonidan #52, Wakaichiro (若一郎) finds himself in the middle third of a crowded division of 220 rikishi.

Monday May 15th is his first match in the new division, and he is facing an experienced wrestler, Tokkoriki, from Arashio beya. Tokkoriki has made it as high as Sandanme several times, ranking as high as Sd62. He has been competing in sumo since 2009.

This is a perfect first opponent for Wakaichiro, a veteran who will be a cut or two above the rikishi he faced in Jonikuchi. Tachiai will be there in person to cheer him on, and hopefully post video and images of the match.


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