Kokugikan Dohyo Taking Shape


Construction Underway in Tokyo

With the Natsu basho just a few days away, the dohyo is once again being hand-built by the ushers and support staff at the Kokugikan.  Each dohyo is constructed, by hand, before every basho.

This Saturday, it will be consecrated, and the arena will be ready for action.  Tachiai will bring you coverage from Tokyo, and around the world as the May tournament gets underway.

One thought on “Kokugikan Dohyo Taking Shape

  1. A propos of nothing, when searching for info about Kisenosato’s injury I came across a repost of Kintamayama’s video of day 15 of the July 2015 tournament. That tournament is notable its relevance to recent events and current top division rikishi:

    – Kotoshōgiku at 7-7 beating Terunofuji with a half-henka
    – Mitakeumi winning the jūryō championship
    – Daishōmaru winning the makushita championship
    – Hokutōfuji beating Ura in a playoff at jonidan
    – good sportsmanship by Takayasu
    – a fantastic bout between Kakuryū and Hakuhō


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