Natsu Story 1 – Takayasu’s Ozeki Moment

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10 Wins From Promotion

Takayasu stands at the cusp on one of the great moments in sumo – promotion to the hallowed rank of Ozeki. Having pushed and trained for most of his 27 years to hone his body and his skill, he is now 10 wins from earning sumo’s second highest rank.

His sumo style is based on strength and endurance, and he has learned the art of wearing his opponent down in a grinding battle of attrition, which given the chance he can apply better than anyone in the current joi. Fans know that when he locks up his foe and rests that chin on their shoulder and goes limp from the waste up, that he is pressing down with enormous pressure, forcing them to lift his weight and theirs or be crushed to the dohyo.

In his 36 career Makuuchi tournaments, he has spent 8 in lower San’yaku. While these ranks typically destroy other Sekitori, Takayasu seems to be made for battle. Over those 8 basho in San’yaku, he has racked up an impressive 62 wins / 43 losses. In fact, Takayasu was on the cusp of promotion late last year going into the Kyushu basho, but finished with a disappointing 7-8 record.

His performance at Hatsu and Haru were impressive, and it seemed that this time everything would align for Takayasu. But then stablemate and training partner Kisenosato suffered a terrible pectoral injury in the final days of Osaka, and has been unable to train.

Like any good sumotori, Takayasu applied himself and did what he could with what he had. But you cannot replace a daily regimen of sparring with Kisenosato, and fans would be right to worry that we could witness a repeat of Kyushu – success within reach, but not achieved.

Tachiai is honestly pulling for Takayasu to bring some much needed health and vigor to the upper San’yaku, and we hope that he has found a way to adapt, survive and overcome.

Takayasu’s Makuuchi Record To Date

36 basho

  • 1 Jun-Yusho
  • 1 Gino-Sho
  • 3 Shukun-Sho
  • 4 Kanto-Sho
  • 4 Kinboshi


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