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What? No Video?

Hello fans, Andy and I recorded a podcast tonight on our thoughts around Natsu.  Sadly there were horrific video sync issues, so this one is audio only.  I will also let you know, as we were discussing things at length, it is a Ichinojo sized 45 minutes of sumo audio love.

So put on some headphones and grab a drink as Andy and Bruce bring you their thoughts on Natsu.

18 thoughts on “Tachiai Natsu Banzuke Podcast

  1. Will have to listen to the whole thing in a couple of sittings as super busy but a third of the way in so far!

    Just a couple of points before I forget

    Bruce – if you have not been to Ryogoku Kokugikan before, there is the chance to watch the rikishi enter the arena around the right hand side as you enter. I actually managed to get a photo with Takakeisho who seemed like a very nice guy. I saw a few others chatting to fans too, that can be really cool.

    Also Bruce – I think there is a place selling chanko nabe (the rikishi’s stew) downstairs which is meant to be good!

    • There are a bunch of chanko nabe restaurants around Kokugikan. One on the other side of the station is called Ami. It uses the same kanji as the first two characters from Aminishiki’s shikona. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.695637,139.7935747,3a,75y,177.68h,107.59t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sMAoyjlAfSRyP__u5jt7Seg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

      I think I will open up a thread for people to suggest places to go and places to eat around the Ryogoku area. It won’t be exclusive to that station because there are many great places near there, including Asakusa, Oshiage, Akihabara…

      • One of the first things I am going to do is get some chanko. We are renting a house close to Chanko Tomoegata, and a very short distance from the Kokugikan. So I am going to get a healthy fix early on. I can and will accept all recommendations for places to eat, drink, see and all else while I am in Tokyo.

        • Another before I forget.

          Slightly further away but Nakajima in Shinjuku for lunch. Absurdy cheap michelin star restaurant focusing on sardines. I paid something like 600-800 Yen per main (such as sashimi, fried sardines, stew etc), each coming with miso, rice and vegetables. Only for lunch and limited menu but a michelin star restaurant for around 600-800 Yen is ridiculously good value!!

  2. A good listen, thanks guys.

    One note – Takanohana is not related to the twins. :)

    • Ok – thank you for that. I am not sure where that got into my head that he was their father. I blame all of the useless information I stuff in my head for crowding out actual facts.

  3. Great podcast guys!! Ended up staying for the whole thing.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Chiyonokuni and a healed Hokotofuji. Of the new promoted rikishi, I am particularly interested to see Yutakayama due to his incredibly fast rise.

    How have the jungyo been going generally?

    • Hero level reward for listening to that whole thing! Next time we will keep it much shorter, I promise. Jungyo had a neat mini-tournament at the end just this past weekend. For a while the only Yokozuna was Kakuryu, but about half way Harumafuji and Hakuho joined in. Towards the end we even saw Goeido, too. The notable absence was Kisenosato.

      In his post banzuke interviews, he comments that his injury is “getting better day by day” or roughly that. To me that means he’s still somewhat iffy, but he is going to show up and compete no matter what.

      As mentioned in the pod cast, Takayasu may have some challenges as his training partner has been out of action for most of the time since Haru. He is going to be fighting hard for every win.

  4. No worries at all I actually liked that the podcast was longer, there’s so much to discuss!

  5. (unsolicited) Advice and thoughts from a fan you don’t know…

    1. Thank you for the blog, and the podcast. It’s all terrific. It’s the newest addition to my regular rotation of sites to visit…
    2. I would get a few additional keywords to list you on google — you’re hard to find unless I search exactly for “tachiai sumo blog.” I would suggest several misspellings of tachiai, “sumo blog,” “American sumo,” “english language sumo,” etc. you’re kicking butt, and more people should get to read/hear…
    3. love the podcast — get yourselves onto the itunes store. there’s not a single english language sumo pod up there. if you’re the first, you’re in good shape.
    4. Loved your calling out of the Yoshikaze/Harumafuji dynamic. I’ve always noticed this, but no one ever talks/writes about it. More about the dynamic between the wrestlers is always interesting to hear about, even if just your observations and speculations.

    Thank you for doing an amazing job.

    Los Angeles, CA

    • Wow, what kind words! Thank you very much for reading, and for sending us such a nice devotional for what is more or less a labor of love. We agree that Sumo can and does have a much broader appeal, and we hope that this web site is helping bring a fascinating and fun sport to a wider audience.

      We hear you on the podcast thing. It’s kind of waiting for some guy (myself) to get it in gear and put the machinery together for that.

  6. Listened to it all and will probably listen again before the basho starts. Well done. There’s precious little English language sumo coverage on line. And I do find myself checking out this site just about every day.

    Jason hasn’t posted his May competition yet: after a runner-up spot last time I’m determined to record my first victory since 2015- a bit like Terunofuji.

  7. Tremendous podcast gentlemen. Very informative and helpful for new sumo fans, as well as in-depth enough for longtime fans. Wishing continued success and popularity for your blog!


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