Takayasu Obliterated by Harumafuji Day 12


Employed Rare Komatasukui Kimarite

On day 11, Takayasu was dealt his first defeat at the hands of Yokozuna Kakuryu, on day 12, he faced Yokozuna Harumafuji. This was a “Need to Win” bout if Takayasu was to remain in yusho contention, but the odds were long. Harumafuji has been competing through an increasing number of painful injuries and problems, but applies himself with gusto each and every day.

Harumafuji took Takayasu’s massive tachiai straight on, and immediately took control of the bout. Takayasu rallied and attempted a throw, but Harumafuji saw this coming and grabbed Takayasu’s leg. At this point it was all over, with the only question remaining being how embarrassing and painful the end would be. Takayasu was unceremoniously dumped at the edge of the dohyo, a second loss added to his tally. The Kimarite was recorded as Komatasukui (小股掬い), or over thigh scooping body drop, a real rare one.

Simply put, Takayasu, of whom I am a huge fan, was schooled by one of the great sumotori of our time.

This concludes the “hell” portion of Takayasu’s basho. His score stands at an impressive 10-2 at the end of day 12. His next move is to recover his mental posture and move forward with all his skill and strength. To continue his bid to be promoted to Ozeki, he needs 33 wins over 3 basho, and he must run his tally higher. The rest of the week he will face lower ranked Maegashira, although on day 13 he faces the ever dangerous Yoshikaze.

Make no mistake, Takayasu has the size, speed and skill to win his remaining 3 matches and end with an impressive 13-2 record. This is a mental test now, as in prior basho he has become discouraged after a high-profile loss midway in the second week and has lost the remainder of his bouts. To become a worthy Ozeki, he needs mental toughness to shrug aside a setback and persist.

4 thoughts on “Takayasu Obliterated by Harumafuji Day 12

  1. There was a theory in my youth that if you felt that you were getting too drunk on he night out you should hit the booze with renewed vigour in order to “drink yourself sober”. That way madness lies of course. Harumafuji however, seems to be working on the equivalent sumo principle: If you’re horribly banged and on the point of pulling out you just start fighting like a demon and hey presto, you’re fit again.

    • I think that sums it up quite nicely. I am not sure how he is doing it, but what he did to Takayasu today was impressive. The look on Kisenosato’s face was quite a sight as well.

  2. Haruma showed in this match just how technical and fast he is. Him and Hakuho are the nost technical Ive ever seen, but just having different styles


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