DC Happy Hour Tuesday, 3/21

I’ve got a work-related deadline Tuesday. As it will be the end of a pretty busy stretch, I’m going to enjoy a couple of whiskeys at Irish Whiskey (19th St, NW between M and N). If anyone would like to join and talk about what should be a thrilling final weekend, feel free to swing by. I figure I’ll get there around 6pm and grab a drink or two before heading home. I’m just about to catch up on last night’s action during lunch. Gambare Takayasu!

I don’t know if anyone follows the Japanese band Shonen Knife, but I just found out they’re playing at the Black Cat in April!

3 thoughts on “DC Happy Hour Tuesday, 3/21


    “Bear up Bison” has occasionally popped into my head when favored rikishi find themselves in risk of demotion – true story.


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