Haru Basho Day 2 Results


A Shimpan Monoii Parade

Just a brief run down of some of the action today in Osaka. Your humble author is humbled by a raging cold!

Day two returned to a more expected form, with all 4 Yokozunas winning their matches, though the match between Harumafuji and Ikioi resulted in a monii. Frankly at this point I fear Harumafuji is still impacted by the tear in his thigh muscle sustained in Hatsu. Like any top athlete, he expects to be able to overcome this problem, but it may instead lead to further injury.

Shodai gave Kisenosato a worthy bout, but the shin-Yokozuna stayed in form after a brief flurry of attack by Shodai. I direct readers to watch Kisenosato’s lower body positioning and posture as he counter attacks and pushes Shodai out. When the “Great Pumpkin” gets in this pose, you may as well throw yourself to the clay, as he has already won.

Neither the Hakuho vs Sokokurai or the Takekaze vs Kakuryu had too much mojo today. I do think I begin to see that many sumo fans discount Kakuryu, perhaps because they don’t understand his sumo. In many cases, he is almost purely reactionary. He lets his opponent get fired up on attack, then exploits the first weakness or off balance moment that appears. Usually with brilliant results. But to get there he has to often throw or push from a precarious stance. This may be the source of his frequent physical problems.

Terunofuji beat Tamawashi, and gave him a little extra “shove”. Terunofuji must be feeling his oats. Elsewhere in Ozkei-land, Takayasu dismantled Goeido with a pretty good show of strength. The two grappled furiously, and Takayasu was able to get Goeido off balance and slap him down. Takayasu seems to be running in good form early this basho.

Kotoshogiku is now 2-0, and may start to have hopes at 10. He is looking strong, and whatever knee and back problems he has, he is fighting through the pain. Takanoiwa suffered a brutal hug-n-chug attack that ended the way they almost always do.

Mitakeumi and Yoshikaze were both in “Humanioid Typhoon” mode today, and completely blasted their opponents out of the ring.

The other monoii of the day came in the Kotoyuki vs Okinoumi bout, where a re-match was declared. Okinoumi seems to be in tough shape, watching him shiko before the bout, he can barely lift his leg at all. I would guess his painful injury is to blame.

Ishiura decisively beat Tochinoshin, who is fading fast due to injuries. This bout, Ishiura was more like the rikishi we saw in Kyushu – fast, strong determined and seemingly everywhere at once. I am looking forward to Ishiura vs Ura coming in the next few days.

Daishomaru bested Ura in a fast and furious match. Ura fans take heart, it is going to take him a few basho to get comfortable fighting Makuuchi class sumotori. Points for attempting his space-time defying back bend once again, but Daishomaru persisted through the sorcery and won.

8 thoughts on “Haru Basho Day 2 Results

  1. Something set Terunofuji off. He was pissed. I tried to see what happened but didn’t notice anything overt.

    Kotoshogiku’s win came from one leg. Against maegashira, that lone healthy ham hock is enough. Versus healthy contenders? I don’t know. He needs 8 from here out. He’s been struggling to get 8 through a whole tournament. It would be sad to see him unable to regain his status but if he does achieve it, I don’t know what to expect moving forward…certainly not winning records May through November.

    • I would really like to see Kotoshogiku get the 10 victories this basho – he’s showing tremendous fighting spirit

    • Yes, mighty helpings of chanko I would assume. In the NHK basho preview, I noticed that the beya made FIFTY LITRES! of curry for that day’s meal. No idea those guys could eat like that.

  2. Very interesting results. Good start for shinYokozuna and giku, im loving it. I think goeido 1.0 is the one competing now.

    Best case i think to happen is kisr to win this basho, and solidify his claim that he is a worthy yokozuna. And also good show for giku and terunofuji, to regain ozeki pride.

    Wishing the best for takayasu to have solid results, and be the first Fiipino blood ozeki

  3. Kakuryu’s sumo is not based on brute force. And also not that speed oriented as haruma. It is like a blend of hakuho and haruma. Good sense of weight and counterweight, coupled with good agilityband speed

    • I watch him get eager rikishi to pursue him either literally or letting them push to get the ‘upper hand’. At the moment they over extend their balance, he strikes. It’s really uncommon in sumo today, and when he’s healthy is quite a sight. He uses the energy of his opponent to do most of the work.


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