Edion Arena Dohyo Consecrated


Let Sumo Begin!

In a solemn ceremony today in Osaka’s Edion Arena, the dohyo for the 2017 Haru Basho was consecrated, making it ready for battle. The proceedings were punctuated by a moment of silence in memory of those killed or impacted by the great 2011 Tohoku earthquake, which led to the Fukushima melt down

Moment of Silence

In front of sumo dignitaries, leading rikishi and a large gathering of fans, the sacrificial offers were incorporated into the clay platform that will be focus of hundreds of bouts daily for the next two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Edion Arena Dohyo Consecrated

  1. Have you noticed that NHK World broadcasts a 30-minute program called “Grand Sumo Preview” ? I saw it yesterday by chance and recorded it just in case…

    • yes, I saw it too. I have and answer for everyone wondering why Kisenosato was finally able to overcome. I think it was a series of events

      1) He melted down at Aki, and Goeido went on to Zensho Yusho – This, I think both depressed the hell out of him, and brought him into focus that the problem was between his ears. it also shifted the attention and pressure to Goeido.

      2) On the back of that, his right hand man Takayasu probably told him that the goal was not lost, and they should train themselves as never before. Together they could do it where individually they would not.

      3) Everyone got hurt at Hatsu, and he had no real challenger

      So, Aki loss freed him up from pressure, Takayasu rode him like a rented mule and he got lucky to be the only healthy one standing this January. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy


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