Kaisei Favoring Right Knee After Hakuho Sparring Session (updated)

According to the Nikkei Shimbun, Hakuho sparred with Kaisei the other day, winning all fourteen bouts. Kaisei seemed to be checking his right knee but hopefully he’ll be ready to go this weekend*. (If I took on Hakuho, I’m pretty sure my knee would be the least of my worries, so I’m not reading too much into Kaisei’s soreness.) Since Kaisei is pretty far down the banzuke, I hope he will do well and ease back into the upper maegashira ranks where he seems to belong.

The real point of this post is the hidden tidbit buried in the third paragraph that I’m embarrassed to say I did not realize before. This is the longest yusho dry spell of Hakuho’s long and distinguished Yokozuna career. Perhaps a little extra motivation? I like to see that Hakuho and Kisenosato are being rigorous in their tournament prep.


Kaisei is, indeed, listed as absent for the Osaka tournament.


2 thoughts on “Kaisei Favoring Right Knee After Hakuho Sparring Session (updated)

  1. So, at least as far as what I get to see in the media, Kisenosato is really throwing himself into prep a lot more than Hakuho is. Frankly, I am gaining new respect for the shin-Yokozuna, in terms of taking leadership in this run up to Haru.

    I would love to see Hakuho yusho this time around, I worry that his injuries will never allow him to completely return to his prior level of performance.

  2. The problem with Hakuho is he has achieved everything that can be had in sumo. It’s hard to find motivation.

    You know what, Kise’s promotion might fire up Hakuho. I mean a new rivalry, something new to look up to.


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