Haru Story 3 – Hokutofuji

Over on the YouTube channel, tigerboy1966 brought up Hokutofuji (formerly Daiki). Hokutofuji’s astounding progress is being overshadowed by everything going on in sanyaku but it is certainly worthy of a storyline on its own.

Sasha Fierce

After 12 tournaments in professional sumo, and 12 kachi-koshi records in a row, he enters March at Maegashira 5, three ranks higher than Hakkaku stablemate, Okinoumi.


The story should sound familiar. Last year, at precisely this time, Komusubi Shodai was ranked at Maegashira 6 after racking up 12 consecutive kachi-koshi tournaments. Yes, fellow Komusubi Mitakeumi’s rise seems faster but that’s because he debuted in Makushita. Shodai and Hokutofuji started off in Maezumo, each winning three yusho in the lower divisions, one each in Juryo.

Shodai climbed to M2 before his first losing record, in May 2016. He was beaten back to Earth, losing his first 6 matches to a rough mix of Yokozuna and Ozeki – the gauntlet. Is this the fate which awaits Hokutofuji? Another 9 wins at M5 will propel him into the high maegashira.

Personally, I don’t think he’ll get to 9 wins. True, he’s got some impressive wins under his belt against other rikishi in his neighborhood – Yoshikaze, Endo, Aoiyama. But right there are other challenges in Ichinojo, Arawashi and Chiyonokuni. So roughly half of this tournament will be like the last one but he will not have Chiyoo, Chiyotairyu, or Ishiura around to pad his win column. Takarafuji, Shohozan and others await the up-and-comer.

3 thoughts on “Haru Story 3 – Hokutofuji

  1. Yup – this guy managed to change Shikona for his Makuuchi debut, which he made alongside Ishiura. Consequently, no one knows who the hell he is. I actually spent much of Hatsu referring to him as “This Guy”… “we should remember to keep an eye on This Guy”… “look at This Guy, quietly racking up Ks”… “Ishiura, Shmishiura: we should have paid more attention to This Guy.”

    I’m not so sure he won’t get 9 wins, but I’m definitely ready to find out.

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  2. Yeah, so “This Guy” is (in my humble opinion) on the verge of becoming one to watch. He will be at his highest rank in Haru, and he will be tested by some of the big sekitori this time. I have been impressed that he is seems to have very good fundamentals, coupled with good strength. Please, oh Great Sumo Cat of the Kokugikan, let Harumafuji be healthy this basho, I want to see him perform the death spin for this fellow.

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