Sumo Fans – Break Time Is Over


Osaka Banzuke Arrives Today

in between tournaments, it can be tough to be a sumo fan. Everything goes quiet and there is no source of news or events anywhere. You find yourself with “Learn Kanji” books trying to decode things on Japanese web sites, and all you come up with is Toyonoshima talking about his grannie’s recipe for Oden.

This time was somewhat different as the excitement of shin-Yokozuna kisenosato kept everything buzzing for several weeks after the end of the Hatsu tournament in January. But eventually the Kisenosato mania died out, and even the Japanese sumo press seemed to have run out of things to talk about.

All of that changes today as the banzuke (ranking sheet) for the March tournament in Osaka arrives in a bit under 9 hours. As always, Tachiai will bring you a box-car of sumo love throughout March, starting later today with our possibly painful comparison of the official banzuke with our amateur attempts to rank Sumo’s top men.

11 thoughts on “Sumo Fans – Break Time Is Over

  1. Hey Bruce H. I was wondering: wouldn’t it be funny if one of you, the other being Andy, or someone on here (like, LK, A.M. Daley, CelinaJames, Himarayama…) who had provided their own take of the upcoming basho, had nailed it PERFECTLY?! I would laugh my bony, brown butt offed! Ha ha ha! From what I read, people really got into it! Counting down the time…


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