Kisenosato Yusho!


Takanoiwa Defeats Hakuho, Wins Kinboshi

In day 14 action from Tokyo, Kisenosato prevailed over the giant Ichinojo, but Takanoiwa shocked Hakuho in the final match. Takanoiwa’s kinboshi, or gold star, win is also a huge mark, as it represents the first time in many years a rank and file Maegashira below 9 has defeated a Yokozuna.  It may also be the first time a kinboshi was scored on day 14 in the current (fairly new) Kokugkikan. Video below

This hands the tournament victory to Kisenosato, who in spite of being a strong and reliable Ozeki had yet to win a yusho.

Tachiai congratulates Kisenosato, and we look forward to his final bout against Yokozuna Hakuho tomorrow to finish the Hatsu tournament.

4 thoughts on “Kisenosato Yusho!

  1. I’m in shock. Like everyone, I was hoping for a senshuraku showdown. That showdown will determine the jun-yusho which Takanoiwa is now in contention for, along with Sokokurai. That will be a fascinating battle given Sokokurai’s stunning win over Takayasu.

    • Actually – post coming in a moment, it seems tomorrow’s match with Hakuho determines if Kisenosato gets his Tsuna

    • So part of me did not want to think that Hakuho is fading out, but it seems he is not quite the overpowering doom force he once was. That does not diminish anything he has accomplished in his amazing career. i also thing it’s far too late to call him career done. I wonder if he is going to really crank up the training now, because he still eagerly chasing the overall win record which i hope he is going to hit this year.


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