Kadoban Ozeki Kotoshogiku One Loss From Demotion


Goeido Delivers Penultimate Defeat

Kotoshogiku’s sumo career is now on the brink, as he is one loss away from make-koshi and demotion from Ozeki. This is the seventh career kadoban status, and many fans think it’s time for him to retire or focus on healing up for several months. The cumulative injuries of years of performing at the top levels of a brutal, physical sport have taken their toll.

He will face Yokozuna Kakuryu on day 11, who has his own troubles. But absent some miracle, Kotoshogiku will be demoted from his Ozeki rank at the end of the Hatsu basho. Will he try to fight back from Sekiwake? Will he retire and go on to coach sumo or run a stable? The answer may come soon.


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