Hatsu Basho Day 9


Now It’s Getting Weird

Day 9 of the Hatsu basho took sumo fans to a strange place, and left them there. Frankly, I am not sure where this tournament is going now. To start with, we had the spectacle of Kotoshogiku winning against a listless appearing Kisenosato, who less than 24 hours earlier had a clear path to the yusho gifted him by Arawashi’s defeat of Hakuho. Moments later, Hakuho managed to lose to Takayasu. This means that Kisenosato now shares the lead with… Maegashira 10 Takanoiwa?

Moments after that, Ikioi defeated Yokozuna Kakuryu, bringing Ikioi in line with the huge group in second place. Earlier, Arawashi defeated the struggling Terunofuji, as he seems to have developed a taste for sanyaku blood. Adding in today’s results, we get this mess:

Hatsu Leader Board

LeadersKisenosato, Takanoiwa
Hunt Group – Hakuho, Ikioi, Hokutofuji, Sokokurai, Ichinojo
Chasers – Goeido, Takayasu, Mitakeumi, Takekaze, Sadanoumi

6 Matches Remain

What this means is that the yusho race is wide open, including rank and file Maegashira way down the banzuke.

2 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho Day 9

  1. What the hell happened? I think the first sign something was wrong in the universe was when Arawashi threw Terunofuji. It seemed like Kotoshogiku’s bippity, boppity still can’t cut it but Kisenosato’s right foot missed the tawara. He wanted to get purchase to put Giku away but his stride was too long. Then Takayasu must have switched from his usual Chanko to some Wheaties-infused concoction. He blew up Hakuho at the tachiai. As for Ikioi over Kakuryu… I think we’ve begun to see the changing of the guard.

    Thanks for posting! I didn’t get a good sleep last night and am thankful for the MLK holiday so I can rest.

  2. Being in London, I was awake just as Makuuchi was wrapping – do I decided to write about it. I did not want to comment on the upper division bouts for a bit, as I just kept thinking I had to be wrong about it some how. But no, it was real. Post-breakfast they had not updated the stats, so it actually happened that way!

    The whole basho feels like the wind of change is blowing. Hakuho has been such an over-accomplishing Yokozuna for so long, it’s tough to really fathom him slowing down, but the evidence is there.

    I wish I could get Kisenosato to gamberize. It would make a large number of fans happen, and put to rest all of the handicapping about a Japanese Yokozuna.

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