Hatsu 2017, Day 7: Haku no Sato Continues to Dominate

Hakuho and Kisenosato continue to dominate and a handful of low-level maegashira chasing with one loss. Hakuho kept Tamawashi at arms length and won by olé-dashi when Tamawashi charged. Kisenosato easily brushed off Tochi-from-Kochi, setting up an interesting second week of sumo. Both of our leaders should face stiffer competition, potentially opening up the race.

With Harumafuji kyujo, Ozeki Goeido and Takayasu are the next sanyaku challengers, two losses back. Kakuryu won a tough one against Okinoumi; the gyoji got stuck behind Okinoumi for a second.

Unfortunately, Kotoshogiku looks lost and dropped his fourth match in a row.

Unfortunately, Oosunaarashi looks hurt and lost his fourth match in a row.


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