Ura (宇良) Defeats Toyohibiki, Now Sole Leader In Juryo


Defies Laws of Space-Time, Displays Extraordinary Agility

In one of the more unconventional matches from Ura (and that’s saying something), the man in pink completely flummoxed opponent Toyohibiki in the top billed match in Juryo on day 4.

Ura is an unconventional rikishi in so many ways, and today’s bout shows that his unusual path to sumo has provided him with a broader palette of techniques, and produces unexpected and compelling results. Ura has struggled with injuries, increasing his mass, and tuning his sumo for the last 4 bashes, but now appears to be getting closer to having a winning formula to win promotion to Makuuchi.

Toyohibiki is clearly stunned and bewildered after this match, not knowing what happened or how.

2 thoughts on “Ura (宇良) Defeats Toyohibiki, Now Sole Leader In Juryo

  1. What Ura did today…was just…mind-blowing! In all my years of watching Sumo, I have NEVER seen anything like that. The pure flexibility that it took to do that was AWESOME! Although small in statue (comparably to the physical standards of upper Sumo), Ura’s athleticism was on full display. Bravo!

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